Colin Rex is a commercial photographer and creative director based in Colorado’s Front Range.

Colin’s career has been shaped by natural landscapes, far-flung adventure, and a deep love for wild spaces. His bold, elegant images capture serenity in the most desolate environments, where he works largely with negative space to demonstrate the starkness of the landscapes he visits and document man’s humble place within nature. Colin’s contributions have provided a foundation for commercial projects ranging from product launches and brand campaigns to environmental awareness exhibits for NGOs such as Rainforest Alliance and The Climate Museum.

From cycling through the Icelandic highlands to snowmobiling across glaciers in Patagonia, Colin’s travels have exposed him to hostile conditions around the world where his proficiencies in backpacking, bikepacking, ski touring, and off-road driving expand possibilities and enable self-sufficient backcountry productions. He strives to work with partners whose priorities align with his own, and believes that exposure through exploration is an important part of educating future generations on the impacts of climate change on our planet.

Following a four year marketing career at Arc’teryx, Colin transitioned to freelancing, directing his industry knowledge and technical expertise toward visual storytelling in the harshest environments on Earth. In 2019, Colin’s love for outdoor recreation and moving through mountains culminated in the founding of Coyote, a media agency focused on creative storytelling for outdoor brands and tourism boards. As part of a small team at Coyote, Colin combines his photography and creative direction to craft comprehensive deliverables for industry leaders including Sea to Summit, ENVE Composites, and The Radavist.

In 2021, Colin and art director Christian Van Os Keuls launched the creative studio Village to bring a mixed media approach to the CPG space through art direction, graphic design, and photography. Across a two-week trip to Iceland later that year, they partnered with mineral water brand Found Bubbly and The Nature Conservancy to document fragile ecosystems and shed light on environmental impacts affecting glacial ice on the island.

Colin spends his time in Denver and on the road, surrounded by the high mountains and twisting canyons of the American West.



"I have hired Colin for a number of projects now – both photography and videography. He is able to take a vision and use his expertise, guidance, and creativity to to make that vision a reality. He lives an active and outdoor lifestyle and therefore understands what is needed and wanted for a variety of different settings (including outdoor shots, indoor events, and product training videos)."

— Leigh Gray, Gore-Tex

"I've worked with Colin for years and will work with him as long as we can. He has a unique ability to listen, to what the needs are, understand a brand/project/product, and create images that make me want the thing, want to be there, and want to hang on my wall. He seeks out interesting places and is willing to do what it takes to make great photos. I couldn't recommend hiring him more."

— Victor Lytvinenko, Raleigh Denim

"Colin has a terrific eye and attention to detail when it comes to product photography. Our team frequently compares metrics to determine which product images generate the highest ROI in our advertising as well as which images drive the most engagement on our social – we are now not surprised when his content outperforms. His work has been integral to our growth as a brand."

— Bryce Jones, Rocky Talkie

"Colin was so easy to collaborate with! I was able to send him some Odell beer and some project guides and he took some beautiful lifestyle photography in nature with the product. I look forward to working with Colin again!"

— Aundrea Dawkins, Odell Brewing

"Shooting with Colin is an absolute joy. Right off the bat, his calm presence and detail-oriented organization make for a fun, relaxed environment – perfect for creating authentic images. He pairs that with a seriously creative eye, adding shots and angles that are unique while not being too novel. I’ve shot campaigns with Colin for Arc’teryx, Bearclaw Bikes, Sea To Summit, and more; all of them have been fantastic and memorable! If you want a high-level photographer to capture unique images of your product or brand, Colin is the guy you want to hire."

— Connor Koch, Coyote

"Colin Rex Creative in a first in class service for photography and content creation. We have built our working relationship on trust. I would recommend working with Colin and his team as they are nimble, talented, and super responsive, providing thoughtful updates throughout the project."

— Mario Burciaga, Arc’teryx

"Colin was a real pleasure to work with! From the start he was very understanding of a (at best!) woolly brief but has managed to help my project progress way beyond what I thought would've been achievable. His eye for detail shines through in his work. If you are in two minds whether or not to use him, take it from me, you will not regret it. Will certainly be using his services again on future projects."

— Martin Dean, Tane

"I really appreciate and value Colin and his team. Colin has worked with us on a variety of projects, including more traditional product shots, lifestyle shots, social content, Instagram reels and more. For all our different needs, Colin applies his creative approach to give us something fresh and new yet always within our brand guidelines. Colin is adaptable, talented and collaborative. He’s also great to work with — good energy, open and honest line of communication, meets deadlines, wants to do great work. And the work itself is great. Win win."

— Lauren Cosenza, Señor Lechuga Hot Sauce

"His shots are always exactly what I asked for, beautifully framed, wonderfully and professionally exposed, no matter the climate, lighting, or movement happening. Colin is a true joy to work with! His packages are easy to understand and completely reasonable!"

— Tanya Lyn, Pocket Tripod

"From initial conversation to final delivery, Colin has been easy to work with, an effective communicator, and adaptable. He leaned forward for a quick turnaround of deliverables and throughout the process was proactive with creative solutions to fit our content needs. Thanks, Colin!"

— Isabel Hewgley, Eagle Creek


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