Colin Rex is a Denver, Colorado based commercial photographer specializing in travel, landscape, and adventure content.

Colin uses his camera to document man's humble place within nature, working largely with negative space to demonstrate the starkness of the landscapes he visits. His clean, minimalistic images capture serenity in the most desolate environments, where he combines photography, writing, and videography to create visual identities for leading brands in the outdoor industry.

From cycling through the Icelandic highlands to snowmobiling across glaciers in Patagonia, Colin’s travels have exposed him to hostile conditions around the world where his proficiency in backpacking, bikepacking, ski touring, and off-road driving expand possibilities and enable self-sufficient backcountry productions. He stays motivated by ongoing conservation efforts, aiming to inspire his audience to explore their relationship with nature for themselves while promoting the preservation of vulnerable ecosystems worldwide.

Colin's work has been featured in a number of digital and print publications including Rucksack Magazine,, and Alloy + Grit, and by brands such as Arc'teryx Equipment, Raleigh Denim, and Sea To Summit. In 2017, he had work featured in The Climate Museum in New York City and was named one of the 100 Top Photographers of the Year by Unsplash.

Excited about an idea? I’m available for creative projects and contracted work, and would love to work with you to make your vision a reality. For enquiries regarding photographic and video productions, image licensing, prints, or anything else, feel free to contact me at or 919-609-4150 and we'll be in touch shortly.